Reusable Warming Massager Heart Massager


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Reusable Warming Massager

Heart Massager

Soothe your partner’s body, then bring it close to yours with this simple-to-use heated massage pack. At 129° F, the only thing hotter is your desire!

  • Warms your hands at your kids’ fall and winter activities
  • Like having a hot stone massage at home
  • Reusable for endless pleasure

To begin the warming process, snap the metal disc inside the massager once. The massager will quickly heat up to 129° F/54° C. Pour a massage oil over the body, and massage with the warm massager. Once the massager cools, it will harden. To reset it, place the massager in boiling water for 7 to 10 minutes until the crystals have liquefied. You can then use it again. For massage tips, refer to the included guide.


TIP Store at room temperature.



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